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Scientific organizations unite to influence science policy and promote the European Research Council (ERC)


Conference on European Research Council (ERC)


Heidelberg, 5 November 2004 - On 25-26 October 2004, UNESCO will host a conference in Paris on the European Research Council (ERC), a new funding mechanism for basic research at the European level that should be funded through the EC Framework Programme. This event comes only a few weeks ahead of the European Council meeting where the EU heads of state and government are scheduled to decide upon the creation of the ERC.

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The conference is organized by the Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE), an association of 11 European organizations established in November 2002 to promote basic science. The objective of the conference is to help define a roadmap for the establishment of the ERC, provide a forum for scientists to air their views and ensure that the ERC meets their needs. The meeting follows the publication by 'Science magazine' on August 6, 2004, of a petition initiated by ISE to call for urgent action on the ERC and co-signed by 52 European scientific organizations. A mass petition of this kind on science policy is almost unheard of in Europe. The conference will also feature the Founding Meeting of ISE, the first independent body established to provide a common voice and an action mechanism for European science organizations.


For further information on the conference or to view the ISE letter published in 'Science magazine' please consult: www.initiative-science-europe.org