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Lecture grants


Meeting organizers can apply for EMBO lecture grants to support:


Keynote Lectures by EMBO Members
A keynote lecture by an EMBO Member at major international scientific meetings about their latest research.


EMBO Young Investigator Lecture
A research lecture given by an EMBO Young Investigator at national or international meetings.


EMBO Global Lecture Series
A series of lectures at several institutions to enhance collaboration between researchers worldwide.


Science Policy
A non-scientific lecture at a scientific event addressing the policy implications of science and technology e.g. discussions about ethics, economics, politics, and law.


Women in Science
A non-scientific lecture at an EMBO funded event addressing issues relating to women in science, including discussions about the reasons for the underrepresentation of women in the higher ranks of science/academia; reports on initiatives that redress that imbalance, e.g. institutional change initiatives, special training, support activities, mentoring programmes, etc.


With the exception of EMBO Keynote Lecture support, lecture grants can be applied for in addition to EMBO Courses & Workshops funding.