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Past Events


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25–27 October 2007 | DE–Heidelberg
EMBO Keynote Lecture
9th EMBL PhD Symposium: Patterns in biology
Contact: Corinne Kox

22–24 October 2007 | DK–Fyn
EMBO Keynote Lecture
Molecular biology of cancer: translation of basic research to medical care
Contact: Steen Gammeltoft

20–24 October 2007 | GR–Patras
EMBO Keynote Lecture
IPS 2007: 5th General Meeting of the International Proteolysis Society
Contact: Georgia Sotiropoulou

15–19 October 2007 | UK–Cambridge
EMBO Practical Course
Advanced analysis and informatics of microarray data
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

12–14 October 2007 | SE–Stockholm
EMBO Conference
Advances in stem cell research
Contact: Urban Lendahl
Subject area(s): Differentiation & Death

9–12 October 2007 | DE–Bad Staffelstein
EMBO Workshop
Escherichia coli - facets of a versatile pathogen
Contact: Jörg Hacker

5–8 October 2007 | GR–Spetses
EMBO Workshop
Molecular mechanisms of cell cycle control in normal and malignant cells
Contact: Constantine E. Sekeris

4–7 October 2007 | DE–Regensburg
EMBO Keynote Lecture
RNA Polymerase I Transcription
Contact: Gernot Längst

3–5 October 2007 | DE–Heidelberg
EMBO Workshop
Common Regulatory Mechanisms in Haemopoiesis and Neurogenesis
Contact: Dimitris Kioussis

24 September–4 October 2007 | FR–Gif-sur-Yvette
EMBO Practical Course
Studying cytoskeletal dynamics: from biology to physics
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

26–29 September 2007 | SI–Maribor
EMBO Keynote Lecture
7th meeting of the Slovenian Biochemical Society
Contact: Roman Jerala

23–28 September 2007 | CH–Ascona
EMBO Conference
The assembly and function of neuronal circuits
Contact: Pico Caroni
Subject area(s): Neuroscience

22–26 September 2007 | IT–Riva del Garda
EMBO Conference
Ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like modifiers
Contact: Thomas Sommer
Subject area(s): Cellular Metabolism

18–23 September 2007 | CH–Les Diablerets
EMBO Workshop
Endocytic systems: mechanism and function
Contact: Howard Riezman

10–20 September 2007 | UK–London
EMBO Practical Course
Image processing for cryo-electron microscopy
Contact: Elena Orlova

17–19 September 2007 | FR–Paris
EMBO Keynote Lecture
From molecules to cognition: a tribute to Jean-Pierre Changeux
Contact: Uwe Maskos

12–16 September 2007 | DE–Heidelberg
EMBO Conference
Protein synthesis and translational control
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject area(s): Proteins

12–15 September 2007 | DE–Berlin
EMBO Keynote Lecture
Wnt Signaling in Development and Disease
Contact: Walter Birchmeier

12–14 September 2007 | AT–Vienna
EMBO Keynote Lecture
EDRC 2007: European Drosophila Research Conference
Contact: Barry J. Dickson

10–13 September 2007 | AT–Gmunden
EMBO Keynote Lecture
10th international symposium on endocytobiology and symbiosis
Contact: Wolfgang Loeffelhardt

10–12 September 2007 | PL–Krakow
EMBO Workshop
EMT in development and disease
Contact: Kristin Verschueren

3–7 September 2007 | UK–Cambridge
EMBO Workshop
Current challenges and problems in phylogenetics
Contact: Vincent Moulton

2–7 September 2007 | DE–Heidelberg
EMBO Practical Course
Chromatin immunoprecipitation and related techniques
Contact: Frank Gannon

1–5 September 2007 | FR–Montpellier
EMBO Conference
Nuclear structure and dynamics
Contact: Giacomo Cavalli
Subject area(s): Genome Stability & Dynamics

27 August–1 September 2007 | FI–Helsinki
EMBO Practical Course
SNP genotyping and genome-wide association
Contact: Leena Peltonen

29 August–1 September 2007 | NZ–Queenstown
EMBO Keynote Lecture
16th Queenstown Molecular Biology Meeting
Contact: John McCallum

22–31 August 2007 | DE–Heidelberg
EMBO Practical Course
Methods in cell biology: exploring the dynamics of cellular organisation
Contact: Darren Gilmour

23–30 August 2007 | UY–Montevideo
EMBO Keynote Lecture
6th international conference of biological physics
Contact: Raul Grigera

27–30 August 2007 | AT–Vienna
EMBO Workshop
RNA viruses: replication, evolution and drug design
Contact: Kristina Dijnovic

23–26 August 2007 | HU–Budapest
EMBO Keynote Lecture
2nd world conference of stress
Contact: Dirk Inzé

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