EMBO EVENTs 2013 Practical Courses Metabolomics bioinformatics for life scientists UK-Hinxton, 25 February–1 March High-throughput RNAi and data analysis DE-Heidelberg, 3–8 March Postgenomic phylogenetics IT-Erice, 10–17 March Imaging infection and immunity ZA-Pretoria, 20–30 March Advanced optical microscopy UK-Plymouth, 3–13 April Analysis of small non-coding RNAs: From discovery to function DE-Heidelberg, 6–12 April Phosphoproteomics DK-Odense, 14–19 April Metagenomics: From the bench to data analysis DE-Heidelberg, 14–20 April Computational structural biology: From data to structure to function DE-Hamburg, 15–19 April Small angle neutron and X-ray scattering from proteins in solution FR-Grenoble, 6–10 May Super-resolution and single molecule microscopies in living cells FR-Montpellier, 15–19 May High-throughput protein production and crystallization UK-Harwell, 15–23 May Exploiting anomalous scattering in macromolecular structure determination FR-Grenoble, 3–7 June Electron microscopy and stereology in cell biology DE-Heidelberg, 16–26 June Single-cell gene expression analysis DE-Heidelberg, 29 June–5 July Developmental neurobiology: From worms to mammals UK-London, 30 June–13 July Marine animal models in evo-devo SE-Fiskebäckskil, 1–12 July Intravital microscopy, flow cytometry and cell sorting DE-Berlin, 8–12 July Multi-level modelling of morphogenesis UK-Norwich, 14–26 July Structure, dynamics and function of biomacromolecules by solution NMR CH-Basel, 20–27 July Two-photon imaging of brain circuit function CH-Zurich, 1–7 September Image processing for cryo-electron microscopy UK-London, 3–13 September Imaging of neural development in zebrafish DE-Karlsruhe, 8–15 September Current methods in cell biology DE-Heidelberg, 26 September–4 October and more! Workshops Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: Macrophages in inflammation and immunity FR-Marseille, 17–19 January Cycling to death AT-Obergurgl, 23–27 January The Planctomycetes- Verrucomicrobia-Chlamydiae superphylum: Exceptions to the bacterial definition? DE-Heidelberg, 28 February–2 March Physical biology of cancer IT-Candiolo, 7–10 March Glycoproteins: From structure to disease ES-Palma de Mallorca, 24–26 April Membrane shaping and remodelling by proteins CN-Shanxi, 16–19 May Liver and pancreas development, function and disease GR-Sounion, 26–30 May RUNX transcription factors in development and disease DE-Wilsede, 9–12 June Oocyte maturation and fertilization: Lessons from canonical and emerging models FR-Banyuls-sur-mer, 12–15 June Chromosome segregation and aneuploidy NL-Breukelen, 22–26 June The molecular life of diatoms FR-Paris, 24–28 June Integrating omic approaches to host– pathogen interactions UK-Liverpool, 25–27 June Morphogen gradients UK-Oxford, 26–29 June AIDS-related mycoses ZA-Cape Town, 3–5 July Plant viruses: Green viruses, from gene to landscape FR-Hyères, 7–11 September Drosophila cell division cycle UK-Totnes, 12–16 September Molecular mechanisms of muscle growth and wasting in health and disease CH-Ascona, 15–20 September AAA+ proteins: From mechanisms and disease to targets DE-Neuss, 16–19 September RNA 3’ ends: Mechanism and biological function in eukaryotic genomes UK-Oxford, 25–29 September Mitochondria, apoptosis and cancer 2013 SE-Stockholm, 10–12 October Semaphorin function and mechanism of action FR-Cernay-la-Ville, 29–31 October Cell–cell fusion IL-Kibbutz Ein Gedi, 3–7 November Conferences Protein transport systems: From structure to function of translocation machines HR-Dubrovnik, 13–17 April Eukaryotic RNA turnover: From structural insights to diseases FR-Strasbourg, 21–24 April Spatial 2013: From spatial signalling to sensing spatiality IL-Dead Sea, 24–28 April Autophagy: Molecular mechanism, physiology and pathology NO-Hurtigruten, 5–9 May Chromatin and epigenetics DE-Heidelberg, 8–12 May Allosteric interactions and biological regulation FR-Paris, 14–17 May The biology of molecular chaperones: From molecules, organelles and cells to misfolding diseases IT-Santa Margherita di Pula, 17–22 May Fission yeast: Pombe 2013 UK-London, 24–29 June Europhosphatases: Protein phosphatases in health and disease IL-Rehovot, 7–12 July Molecular and population biology of mosquitoes and other disease vectors: From basic vector biology to disease control GR-Kolymbari, 15–19 July Helicases and nucleic acid translocases: Structure, mechanism, function UK-Cambridge, 4–8 August Protein synthesis and translational control DE-Heidelberg, 8–12 September Aquatic microbial ecology: SAME13 IT-Stresa, 8–13 September Meiosis DE-Radebeul, 14–19 September Membrane dynamics in endocytosis: Systems dynamics in the endocytic pathway CH-Villars-sur-Ollon, 29 September–4 October Ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins: From structure to function IT-Lucca, 1–5 October Nuclear structure and dynamics FR-L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, 2–6 October The DNA damage response in cell physiology and disease GR-Athens, 7–11 October Comparative genomics of eukaryotic microorganisms: Complexity patterns in eukaryotic genomes ES-Sant Feliu de Guixols, 19–24 October ESF | EMBO Symposia Bacterial networks (BacNet13) PL-Pułtusk, 16–21 March Molecular bioenergetics of cyanobacteria: Shaping the environment PL-Pułtusk, 15–20 April Molecular perspectives on protein– protein interactions PL-Pułtusk, 25–30 May B cells: From bedside to bench and back again PL-Pułtusk, 2–7 September Integrated insect immunology: From basic biology to environmental applications PL-Pułtusk, 23–28 September EMBO | EMBL Symposia New model systems for linking evolution and ecology DE-Heidelberg, 1–4 May Cardiac biology: From development to regenerative medicine DE-Heidelberg, 7–10 June Seeing is believing: Imaging the processes of life DE-Heidelberg, 3–6 October The non-coding genome DE-Heidelberg, 9–12 October New approaches and concepts in microbiology DE-Heidelberg, 14–16 October Other EMBO events The EMBO Meeting 2013 NL-Amsterdam, 21–24 September EMBO Members Meeting 2013 DE-Heidelberg, 23–25 October 14th EMBO | EMBL Science and Society Conference Public and private health: Genomics, medicine and society DE-Heidelberg, 7–8 November EMBO | FEBS Lecture Courses Biomembranes: Molecular architecture, dynamics and function FR-Cargèse, 10–20 June Host–microbe interactions GR-Spetses, 30 August–7 September For further information, please go to EMBO Courses & Workshops www.embo.org/programmes/ courses-workshops/ Funding for plenary lectures EMBO supports plenary lectures given by EMBO Members at major international scientific meetings EMBO Plenary Lectures deadlines 1 March, 1 June, 1 September, 1 December Organizers Apply now for 2014 funding Bi-annual deadlines 1 March, 1 August For an up-to-date list of EMBO events please go to events.embo.org 16 EMBOencounters | Autumn 2012 | communications@embo.org ©2012 EMBO