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Posted by Barry Whyte 04/2/14


Raymond Appleyard was the first Executive Secretary of EMBO from 1965-1973. Today he has retired to East Sussex in the United Kingdom where he lives with his wife Jean, also a trained scientist.


Appleyard was heavily involved in setting up EMBO’s Fellowship Programme, organizing membership elections, and getting EMBO courses and workshops off the ground.


Well acquainted with the emerging field of molecular biology through his early work on lambda phage, Appleyard was in many ways uniquely qualified to lead EMBO through his work experience in physics, biology and governmental affairs.


Appleyard designed the very first application form for short-term fellowships himself, benefiting from lessons he had learned from his experience with the Rockefeller Foundation.


Listen to his account of putting together the first application form for EMBO short-term fellowships:



Says Appleyard “…I take great pride in EMBO, I have to admit.”


You can read more about Raymond Appleyard in our anniversary timeline.


Source: Georgina Ferry “EMBO in perspective: A half century in the life sciences.”